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Production Management

  • Director of Production, Film Finances. Feb 2013–Jul 2014. Analyzed scripts, shooting schedules, budgets, post schedules, dailies workflows, post bids, production reports and cost reports for films from pre-prep through delivery. Approved and monitored over 35 films with executive Susan Muir, with budgets ranging from $1 million to $85 million, including American Hustle, Child 44 and Fury. Found and opened New York office, including overseeing renovations and setting up wireless network, computers and other technology.
  • Software Developer/Production Consultant, New Regency. Dec 2012–Feb 2013. Developed organizational strategies and software for productions. Managed shared cloud folders for productions including 12 Years a Slave and True Story. Wrote guidelines for digital asset management.
  • Assistant to Producer Anthony Katagas. Oct 2011–Dec 2012. Assisted Academy Award-winning producer Anthony Katagas from pre-prep through delivery of The Immigrant and 12 Years a Slave. Created script breakdowns, budgets and schedules for several other films in development.

Post Production

  • Shepherded footage from set to editorial on several shoots, including setting up Avid bins and creating composites for The Mystery of Matter.
  • Managed wrap of 12 Years a Slave and paperwork delivery of The Immigrant.
  • PIX and DAX manager and general tech support for multiple productions, including setting up digital dailies and publicity photo approvals.
  • Projectionist (35mm, 16mm, HD) for Columbia University, 2005–2009.


Freelance crew positions on features and TV series for Fox Searchlight, Warner Bros., Universal, Sony, CBS, NBC, PBS, FX, New Regency and others, 2002–2011. See for full filmography. Select credits include:

  • Assistant to Producer, 12 Years a Slave. Feature, New Regency. Budgeted for several months until production accountant started, created visualizations such as maps and Day Out of Days posters, managed shared Dropbox folders for all departments, in charge of wrapping production.
  • Assistant to Producer, The Immigrant. Feature, Weinstein Co. Completed applications for the film’s production company to become signatory to unions, created a hot cost predictor, set up DAX digital dailies system, found and managed ferryboat location, coordinated paperwork delivery.
  • Associate Producer and DIT, The Mystery of Matter: Marie Curie. Pilot, PBS. Hired crew, budgeted, scheduled, found and managed locations, served as on‑set DIT, coordinated transportation, composited greenscreen footage, imported footage into Avid and organized it into bins.
  • Assistant Location Manager, Bachelorette. Feature, Weinstein Co. Managed location scouts and assistants. Found and managed most locations; coordinated all agreements, permits and insurance. Also Assistant Location Manager on Friends With Kids additional photography.
  • Location Scout, Blue Bloods. Season 1, CBS. Scouted for locations and created web app for scouts to upload photos and plot locations on an interactive map. Also Location Scout on Something Borrowed, Damages, HairBrained, Generation Um… and Il giorno in più.
  • Location Assistant, Wanted. New York unit, feature, Universal. Created maps and directions and signs for all locations and helped liaise between crew and location owners. Also Location Assistant on Notorious, The Happening, Arthur and Synecdoche, New York.
  • Assistant to 1st A.D., The Green Hornet. Feature, Sony. Scheduled, accommodating many combinations of cast and location restrictions.
  • Assistant to Director, Thirteen. Feature, Fox Searchlight. Scouted locations, created props, taped auditions and helped staff office and set.


  • Programming Languages: JavaScript/CoffeeScript, PHP, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, shell scripts, AppleScript.
  • Frameworks and Technologies: Meteor, WordPress, jQuery, jQuery UI and plugins, Twitter Bootstrap and plugins, Handlebars, Google Maps API, Amazon Web Services and EC2, Ajax, responsive web design.
  • Databases: MongoDB, SQL/MySQL, FileMaker including PHP API, JSON, XML.
  • Systems: Mac, Windows, Linux, Linux/Mac command line, Windows command line, SSH, Git/GitHub, Subversion, Grunt, FTP, Apache.
  • Software: Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, PIX, DAX, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling, Final Draft.

Web Development Experience

  • Stephen King: “The Basement.” Interactive game to promote the Stephen King book Mr. Mercedes. Users explore seven web-based “desktops” that simulate the computers used by the killer in the book, unlocking achievements and discovering clues about the book’s mystery. Built as a heavily modified and optimized version of the JavaScript and PHP-based Symbiose web OS.
  • Production Tracking. Intranet site. Web interface for internal FileMaker-hosted database of the company Film Finances. Provides powerful tools for searching contacts and films based on multiple criteria, with contact search results downloadable as mobile-friendly vCards. Visualizes films’ progress with interactive graphs and progress bars. Plots Film Finances’ active projects on a world map. Built using Meteor framework with supporting PHP code to keep MongoDB and FileMaker databases in sync. Uses Twitter Bootstrap, X-Editable with custom form inputs, Iron Router, D3 and X-Charts, Bootstrap-WYSIWYG, Google Maps API and jQuery.
  • Batch Document Replacer. Intranet site. Finds and replaces sets of text pairs across folders and subfolders of Word and Excel documents, built for the film production company New Regency. Features a Web interface where users can upload an entire folder and download it processed as a zip file. Built in the Meteor framework with jQuery plugins to handle folder upload and Ajax-triggered download. Built PHP helper to process replacements using OpenTBS, and reassemble folder tree and output as .zip.
  • Emerging Pictures. Search engine for films and showtimes of a global network of 500 movie theaters, handling 350,000 users per year. Users enter a location to see a map with theaters near them, including films and showtimes. Built as an elaborate custom WordPress plugin. Uses client-side technologies Google Maps API and Geocoder, jQuery, jQuery Templates, cookies, Ajax and detection of users’ language and locale; server-side, implements best practices including registering scripts and styles and providing Ajax-powered admin pages. Polls external data source to retrieve showtimes in JSON, and exports XML feed to remote clients.
  • Piano Adventures.,,; Designed multilingual foreign sites for Piano Adventures, the #1 bestselling piano teaching method in the United States. Developing relaunch of American website, using WordPress and WooCommerce and WordPress MultiLingual to present searchable database of 298 publications, including page and audio previews.
  • Middlemarch. Designed and coded WordPress-based site for the documentary film production company Middlemarch. Features custom interactive JavaScript checkerboard where thumbnail tiles slide on hover, implemented as a WordPress plugin with its own client-accessible admin page. Implemented custom-styled monochrome Google map as well as inline videos. Created help website with detailed instructions with screenshots for clients to easily administer their site.
  • Chic Shop. Improved this Shopify-powered online store. Built new Ruby-based templates for product browsing and pagination, created an admin page to control the frontpage slideshow, replaced graphical text with Web fonts and fixed JavaScript errors.
  • Richard Brick. Designed and coded WordPress-based site for film producer Richard Brick. Created custom templates for slideshows generated by the NextGen Gallery and cForms plugins.
  • Gerrit Goss. Designed and built WordPress-powered site for landscape architect Gerrit Goss. Worked closely with the client to implement attractive slideshows of his work. Created instructions and a video tutorial for client to maintain the site himself.
  • A Alden Wallace. Designed and coded WordPress-based site for photographer Alden Wallace. Implemented side-scrolling photo galleries and custom typography.

Software Development for Film

  • Script Watermarker and Emailer. Automates the creation and email distribution of watermarked scripts (or any PDF file).
  • Secure Video Streamer. Presents private video on password-protected website via secure stream that cannot be saved.
  • Production Tracking. Web interface for FileMaker-hosted database; visualizes films’ progress with interactive graphs and progress bars.
  • Day Out of Days Poster. Converts Movie Magic Scheduling cast day out of days into a single colorful table, printable as a poster.
  • Contact List Generator. Generates traditional film industry three-column contact list from a group vCard or folder of vCards.
  • Batch Document Replacer. Finds and replaces sets of text pairs across folders and subfolders of Word and Excel documents.
  • Locations Map and Gallery. Shows potential locations on map and list, along with details and link to Web slideshow of photos.
  • Printable Map Stitcher. Combines high-resolution Google Maps tiles into poster-sized maps that look sharp when printed.
  • Emerging Pictures. Search engine for films and showtimes of a global network of 500 theaters; handles 350,000 users per year.


  • Columbia University. School of the Arts, 2005–2009. Master of Fine Arts degree in Film with a concentration in Producing.
    • Produced 9 short films with budgets of $20,000 to $40,000, managing crews of 25 to 50 and shooting schedules of 7 to 14 days, including Student Academy Award-nominated film The Cemetery Club and Sundance Film Festival selection Concerto.
  • Cornell University. College of Arts & Sciences, 1999–2003. Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and English with a focus in Computer Science.